Sunday, April 8, 2012

Annapolis Adventures - Day Two

HAPPY EASTER!  Or for those who don't celebrate Easter... Happy Passover!

We are just a few hours away from embarking on our Korea/China trip.  But before we take off, here are some quick highlights from Day Two of our Annapolis Adventure!

Also, special thanks to Tamara for letting me borrow some of her pictures.  I should mention that for some odd reason, her camera's blink detector kept going off whenever there was an Asian in the shot despite the fact that none of us were blinking... ;)

Day Two was a much more laid-back, incident-free affair than the previous day.  First thing in the morning, we stumbled across Chick & Ruth's Delly, a local hotspot (a deli as well as a B&B) that was featured on the show Man vs. Food for their Colossal Sandwiches and Shakes - that's a 6 pound shake with a 1 and a half pound sandwich!

If you enjoy watching videos of people painfully stuffing their faces with food that appears to be five times the size of their stomachs, you can watch videos if this challenge here and here.

Aside from gigantic shakes and sandwiches, they had quite an extensive menu.

And a very lively atmosphere inside.

We started with the house made pickles.  Did I ever tell you I'm obsessed with pickles?

Per the waitress's recommendation, I ordered the corned beef sandwich.  She told us their meat was known for being incredibly juicy and tender-- and she didn't lie!

Patrick ordered the crab cake sandwich - another solid recommendation from our waitress who informed us that their crab cakes were made of 95% jumbo lump crab meat.

Next we stopped at a store called The Spice and Tea Exchange.  Apparently they have locations in Georgetown and Old Town Alexandria where we live, but I've never come across one before.

They sell exotic spices, blends, teas, and fancy salts all in jars that they encourage you to open and smell to your heart's content.

Anyone heard of ghost pepper sea salt?

Strangely enough, the guys didn't seem as interested in the spices as the girls.  Hm, I think we know who the cooks around here are...

Of course I may have walked away with a few items...

I bought some grey salt, some fleur de sel, and a few blends, including this Tandoori Roasting blend...

Next time I stumble across this store, I plan to try their teas and exotic salts.

After the spice store, we returned to the U.S. Naval Academy, this time sans segways.

We walked around their gorgeous campus and hung out a bit on the practice field.

If only I had a football handy to show off my mad kicking skills...

Since we had time to kill (and since it was now daytime), we wandered over to Brice House - the location of The Crying Girl which we heard about on our haunted pub crawl the night before.

We didn't hear any screaming or crying, and as such, we couldn't decide if we were relieved or disappointed by this...

After all that walking, it was definitely time for some sustenance.  While our company went in search of ice cream and lemonade, Patrick and I hit up this local delight for the second time during the trip...

Then we all reconvened by the water to enjoy our sweets and the beautiful weather that had eluded us the day before.

I love this picture of us girls...

And the guys...

And the whole gang.

What an amazing weekend!

And now I've got to run to the airport.  Hope you all have a wonderful holiday with family and friends!



  1. That Tandoori Roasted Blend looks delicious. It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun-

    I didn't know you were obsessed with pickles... haha I am too!

  2. Forgot to say how much I enjoyed the Annapolis adventures too...if I had been there I definitely would have visited the cookie shop with you. :)


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